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Bibliography on Phonetics from 1750 to 1935

 A Bibliography on Phonetics from 1750 to 1935

- The Emergence of the Science of Phonetics -

   The following is a chronological bibliography on phonetics from 1750 to 1935, during which the science of phonetics emerged in the history of linguistics. Phonetics laid firm foundations for scientific researches in comparative linguistics and structural linguistics.

   In 2005, Routledge published Phonetics of English in the Nineteenth Century (7 volume set) as one of the series of Logos Studies in Language and Linguistics, which will suggest the interests heightened among phoneticians and linguists on this crucial period.

   The bibliography, which does not include papers on phonetics because of limited space, is compiled under the following rules.

Books on phonetics are chronologically arranged.
Books published in the same year are arranged according to the alphabetical order of their authors.
Editions are listed at the end of each entry in the square brackets, shown like this, [1901], which means that the 4th edition was published in 1901.



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